Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tribute to 2008 Beijing Olympics!

So we have lived here six months and there are a few things we hadn't done as a family. For me, it just doesn't feel like we live in Beijing without seeing these few things. First on the list was 
 We went on the day before Chinese New Year Eve. It was a perfect time to go because there was nobody there! It was frigid cold though!

The boys discussing the architecture.
Olympic Park is huge! Below is the map for all of the venues and sites. We did not see nearly all of it since it was so cold.
 Next to the Bird's Nest is what is now known as The Watercube. It was the venue for all of the swimming events in the Olympics. This is where Michael Phelps won his gold! Now it is an indoor water park.

The Watercube lights up bright blue at night.
The ice was completely solid.

The fan is to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year.

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