Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Little moments of pure joy...

We have the opportunity to have a general store in our neighborhood. We all pick up our mail there. Each year I put a sign up sheet in the mail room where houses can sign up for us to carol to them. All the kids really look forward to it and the smiles on the faces are one in a million.

A couple big highlights of my holiday this year were from some little friends of mine. A nine year old boy said, while making himself a steaming cup of cocoa in my kitchen, "I really love caroling every year. Please don't stop doing it. Thank you." It was so sincere I gave him a huge hug and told him that if we are in Japan next year he would have to hold up the tradition for me.

Another highlight was the next day. I lead the music with the children at church. When I was in the middle of singing a little girl, who is almost three, came up to me and grabbed my hands and said, "I need to thank you for the crown you made for my brother and the crown you made for me. " This was in the middle of my song and her mom was no where to prompt her. It was so sweet!

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