Friday, December 21, 2007

No More "Crowning" Around

Well, I have finished my last crown for my neighborhood kids. Here is a final picture of the tree.

So tonight I will be having my twenty eight first graders to my house for our class holiday party. For some reason I have told myself that I MUST clean my shower!?! Will they really be looking in my shower? Go figure. Then, tomorrow morning I will be hosting my annual cookie exchange. I am so excited as I have deviated from my regular chocolate peanut butter balls. I am ready with 10 dozen new goodies. Finally, tomorrow night M. and I are hosting our annual caroling event. We usually have 35-50 people over before we head out to ten neighborhood houses. Lots of excitement this weekend and can't wait to post all the pictures!
With so much to do, why am I on the computer?????


Liz R. said...

What time is the caroling? We're excited to come this year (if Anna's not still sick)


Unknown said...

7:00. Hope she feels better!

Natasha Burns said...

Jen how funny about what you wrote on my blog! Even funnier because I was just at your blog and about to make a comment when yours came through! No kidding!
I'd love to do a chandlier painting for you in the new year! Drop me a line at and we can work out details.
Thanks so much and good luck at the cookie exchange!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, the shower, we always seem to have to clean the shower, lol!! Merry Christmas jen to you and your loved ones, and happy baking!! Jenn and Jacqui

tammy said...

I love the fact that you do so much for your kids. that's what makes you a great teacher!!! I am jealous that I can't be in the cookie exchange...i burn my cookies...but I am hoping that we have enough energy to make it to the was brutal enough with all the Christmas shoppers in the store!!!