Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Grade Math

Some of you may have thought, "she must be on vacation". Quite the contrary, school has started again. For those of you who are on traditional school schedules you are still enjoying your summer break. We are on a multi-track year round schedule and my track only has a week between school years. I am a job share first grade teacher, where the first week of school I teach all five days with my fabulous partner, and the rest of the weeks I teach one day a week. Here is a sneak peak at the numbers I have been adding up in my head since my last post.
100 - the number of times I have hacked, worrying everyone around me (my antibiotic did not work that well)
99- the number of times I have thought, "I am so proud of him!" (D is in my class this year and it has been exciting to see him enter first grade)
98 - the number of times I wanted to visit blogs and make a post but just had too much to do.
20- the number of sweethearts that I will teach this year
10- the number of days since I picked up my mail last (I was sad when we weren't invited to the coolest july 4th party in town, then I found the invitation in our mailbox today! Sorry j.s.! )
9 - the number of times I screamed at the tv during The Bachelorette finale when she did not choose the guy I wanted!!!!
8 - the number of friends I miss because I have not been seeing them often.
4 - the number of laundry loads I need to do!
3 - the number of phone calls I have not been able to return because I am so dang busy!
2 - the number of times I have thought about the Kauai Marriott in this heat!
1 - the number of hot dads that came to Back To School Night last night! (I am talking about my hot dad hubby since he came to support me and D)
My admiration goes out to all moms and wives who work full time. It is so difficult to achieve balance being pulled in so many directions. I am so grateful that I have the best of both worlds, a wonderful part-time job with amazing colleagues AND being able to stay home and be a mom and housewife (I know it sounds old fashioned, but I worked hard to get that title and am darn proud of it!)


Liz R. said...

your window box looks so pretty! i've missed your posts! welcome back!

Jan said...

What a thoughtful post of validation to mothers. Working mothers must be exhausted. I only work part time, and it about destroys my day. You are very amazing Jen.

Have a great day.

Matt, Mimi and Adison said...

I hope you feel better soon. Looks like you have a very busy week ahead.

Tammy said...

Trust me, I understand!!! Welcome back and I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Poetry of Life said...

I'm glad you are back! I understand your craziness but am so grateful to hear you are at 20 this year!!! I'm sure it will be so much easier than last year and wish you the best of luck!

Our Family said...

I am so sad that you thought you weren't invited and now I am so bummed that you just didn't know you were invited. To make up for it, why don't you guys come over one afternoon for swimming and the Dads can join us when they get home for BBQ! Let me know when things have settled and we'll make a date!

You are a teriffic Mom and wife. I think you find a great balance! And I too love the title of housewife. I loved my teaching job and there are things I miss, but nothing compares to this!

Anonymous said...

It has been good to see you all week! It has been a long, hot week...yeah for Friday!

paige said...

what a precious post!

Lizzie said...

that is really smart!!! (give me the thing)

lynne said...

i'm beginning to obsess over why your illness won't go away!! i want you to feel better!