Saturday, July 19, 2008

S is for sewing

I really love to sew! But I have always stayed away from sewing anything for anyone's body. The exactness intimidates me and if I mess up it is really noticeable. So, in the past I have just kept my projects for MY home that way I cannot be worried about apologizing for any mess-ups.
So when a friend, and sewing extraordinaire, decided to plan a skirt sewing activity for church I hesitantly, but excitedly, signed up. Above is a peak at the back of my fabric and the invisible zipper I was installing.
Here I am. I look like a pro, but looks can be deceiving! The skirt turned out decent (at least it fits) and I only had to destitch two times.

Even though D is in school, summer boredom still rears it's ugly head. He is obsessed with stuffies so when I saw this kit at World Market I jumped at the chance for him to make his own. It was a bargain and he did the project completely himself!

Good job D! Happy sewing!


Jan said...

That is awesome Jen. We are getting Mattie a sewing machine for Christmas. I can't wait. I think it is a lost art that is slowly gaining in numbers again.

Cheryl said...

when are you going to wear your beautiful creation? I can't wait to see it on!! I LOVE the fabric!

Tammy said...

You are a good sewer my dear. I am too terrified to even try something sewing-wise. However, Christmas is coming up so maybe I will give it another shot!!! We shall see!!!

Hatch Family said...

D did a great job! Hope he feels better soon.

Liz R. said...

you both did a great job! you should wear your skirt this sunday!

lynne said...

what a natural on the machine you look...!! can't wait to see it on!! and way to go, D!!