Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Proud and Amazed!

It was a little while ago that I decided to let my ten year old daughter have her own blog. I have always been very strict about her internet access, but for some reason this was different. I monitor all that is posted on her blog and today I took a blog jog of her "friends".
These bloggers are amazing young people!
If you want to check out some great stuff, go here, and here for literature, here for some great cooking, and here as an example of service, and here for making earrings to earn money, and adventures that we only wish we could go on.

I am so overwhlemed by the wonderful character and vast talents these young adults have! I am proud that my daughter can see the example of them. Can you even imagine what these kids are going to be like when they are our age????? You guys rock!


Jan said...

Isn't that the truth Jen. I have been so impressed with these young girls myself. I really think that they are very good influences on each other in a very postive way. A way to keep them in the good really. A network of support in choosing the right.

I am so glad that our daughters have crossed paths. It has been so great for my daughter and now I am glad to hear for your daughters too.

♥miss-mattie♥ said...

Thanks for thinking of all the kids. I do love adventures. They are so much fun. That is so sweet of you. You did a great job. Did your daughter want you to do this?
Bye bye.♥ ;)

lynne said...

no kidding. your short person just astounds me, jen!!