Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very safe and happy fourth!
My M0m and Dad have taught me so many things, but one of the things that I will always be grateful for is how to respect our country. Every single day of the year (rain or shine) my dad puts out his flag. Okay, so alot of people put their flags out...but my mom and dad make sure to take it in as close to dusk as possible. Why, you ask? They take patriotism very seriously! I love the example they are to me. My flag is often out but I leave it out in the dark-tsk,tsk on me.
Here is a fabulous, easy to read, place where you may learn a few things about flag etiquette, which in turn shows respect for our country.
Please help me by:
  • saying a prayer for those who serve our country
  • telling a veteran or someone in the military thank you
  • putting out your flag and repecting it
  • respecting our National Anthem and teach your children to respect it
  • remembering that the 4th of July is not just a holiday to bbq and have fun, but a holiday to honor the land we live in!

Be Safe!


Jan said...

Happy 4th to you. Hope it was a great one for you and your family Jen.

Loved this post. It was so nice and respectful.

Poetry of Life said...

Thank you for the wonderful post. We too believe in honoring and respecting our country and it's symbols and I really appreciated your post.

Merci-Notes said...

Thank You for this wonderful Fourth of July Post! I leave my two little flags out, under my front porch light..but I shall check out the flag etiquette!
With Kindness,