Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I ♥ NY

It was a year ago when I was anticipating this wonderful trip to NYC with my mom and daughter! The #1 reason we were going, last year, was to see GREASE!

We ended up seeing A Chorus Line and Hairspray too!

We were so star studded! This is Lance Bass from 'Nsync. He starred in Hairspray.
When E fell in love with these two on Grease; You're The One That I Want her daddy bought her tickets to see them on Broadway. After a year of performing those roles they are both moving on to bigger things. Goodbye Max and Laura!

Below is Ashley Spencer (the runner up to Laura as Sandy on the reality show). We saw her as Amber in Hairspray. She now will be taking overfor Laura in Grease. Go Ashley!

It wouldn't be a trip to New York without stopping by to say hi at the Today Show.
Here is E, strolling down fifth avenue munching on a Hot Dog from a vendor. Gotta love NYC!
My favorite stop was definately Serendipity. It is not overrated, the frozen hot chocolate really is to die for!
This trip was a chance of a lifetime for me, my mom and my daughter!

I will never forget those magical days we spent in NY!

If you would like to see our entire trip, click here to view my Shutterfly book.


Jan said...

You lucky lucky girls. That was a fantastic trip Jen. What memories. You did alot and saw some amazing people. Great shot of Meredith too.

This is a dream of ours too. So I will look at your pictures and see the whole trip. Thanks for sharing this great trip with us. Loved it.

Your daughter is so sweet.

Lizzie said...

my mom is the best!!! it was so much fun!!! thanks grandma also for coming! I have soooooo much fun!!!

shari said...

That seriously is my DREAM TRIP!!!!! Very cool!

Janiece said...

I have never had the desire to go to NYC, but after seeing your pictures I just might have a change of heart!

Carissa said...

E. looks so cute in all the pictures. I love that you guys travel so much with your kids, it's such an amazing gift to give them the world.