Sunday, May 1, 2011

A girls day out in San Francisco

For my friend's birthday, we decided to go to "the city" for some shopping and food. It was a dream day!

Stop 1- Lunch at Nopalito

Stop 2- The Ribbonerie-

What a glorious shop! I felt as if I were in England.

Stop 3- Leftovers

This is a furniture consignment store. There were two busts that I REALLY, REALLY wanted here.

Stop 4- Crown and Crumpet at Ghiradelli Square

Holy toledo people! I have met my match! This is it for me. Everything about this place I absolutely adored! I WILL visit here again before my asian adventure!

from the banners to the apothecary candy jars to the table cloths....I LOVE it all!

Snack Stop- Kara's Cupcakes at Ghiradelli Square

YUM! I had the Fleur de Sel which is chocolate cupcake filled with caramel filled with chocolate ganache frosting and a sea salt sprinkle.

LOVE this place!

Stop 5- The Ferry Building- Miette Patisserie and Recchiutti Chocolate

I seriously covet those cakeplates on the top shelf!

Stop 6- Ma Maison

I loved that this was right down the block from AT&T park! Go Giants!

Stop 7- Tartine Bakery

I have been hearing about this place for a while now and it DID NOT disappoint! WOW! It just goes to show that if you have good food it does not matter what the decor is like (although this is so very French!) or even have a sign outside. There was a constant line down the street! And everyone was ordering different things...bread, pastries, eclairs, bread pudding, the list goes on and on....definately will be visiting here again SOON!

we decided we HAD to try a sandwich! One of the best sandwiches I have ever had! The bread! Oh the bread!

Treats for home- a mini banana tart and two eclairs! Heaven!

Thanks to my friend, Jennefer, who is 7 months pregnant for a) having a birthday! b) planning this wonderful day! c) bring such a wonderful friend!

Can you believe we actually stopped at the mall on the way home? Oh, and I purposely did not mention a little fender bender that we had after lunch. Yikes!

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