Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pros & Cons- "Miss" Positive

This house loves "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and he does a segment called Pros & Cons. I cannot help but being nostalgic about things that I know I will miss. I am a little obsessed about what I am leaving behind and not looking forward into the unknown.... I thought I would make it a lesson in turning the negative to positive, which I need as much practice with as Mandarin.


I will miss hopping in my mini-van and shopping at Costco~I won't have to lug heavy cases of anything or pay for gas

I will miss Propel water, especially after a run ~ Plain water is cheaper

I will miss Facebook ~ more time to read the scriptures

I will miss American TV (reality, SF Giants, Netflix) ~ maybe I'll write a book

I will miss being able to communicate easily ~ I will be able to break the terrible habit of eavesdropping

I will miss living 5 minutes from the school ~ I won't be at the kids' school volunteering everyday for everything

I will miss my home ~ I won't have to clean 3,400 square feet

I will miss seeing my roses, hydrangeas, lilacs and peonies bloom ~ no more rose thorn injuries

I will miss seeing my friends ~ I'll make new friends

I will miss bright, blue skies ~ I'll notice it and cherish it when it does appear

I will miss Mexican Food ~ Maybe I'll shed a few pounds


Jessica said...

Way to stay positive. Just think of me when you see gray skies on a daily basis... We'll appreciate those few days together! But at least you are somewhere exciting.

Jill M. Giles said...

Just stumbled on your blog by accident! Glad I read a little more. We're currently living in Beijing, attending the 1st branch, which is (I think) the branch you'll also be in. :) And...are you the same Jen I've been emailing? Or are there 2 Jens moving to the branch this summer???

Liz R. said...

can you watch t.v. online? hulu? that sort of thing?