Thursday, May 5, 2011

*Lists* & thoughts on the move

As you know we are moving to Beijing THIS SUMMER! Forgive me if this blog becomes a psychological outlet for all the emotions and thoughts constantly running through my mind. If that will annoy you, I'd just sign-off now. But I hope some of you stay...I deal with transition SO much better with others.

Now that I am done with my long-term substitute teaching assignment my full focus is on this HUGE transition in our lives! People ask me how I am feeling and it really is a second by second thing. For example, last weekend I WAS NOT going! I was sending my entire family...and Jupiter and I were going to just stay and await their return.

I do have moments of happy anticipation though. Like when I get frustrated with anything regarding our countries educational CRISIS. I just tell myself, "that will be better in China". But mostly I have personal in Costco yesterday when I kept asking myself, "Will we be able to finish that before we go?" I had to seriously hold back tears in front of the bulk chocolate chips (I probably could finish those before we left).

Mostly I am just handling all of this by making lists! It helps...


Here are some lists that I have been keeping- these are only mine. Hubby has all the other, not so fun, stuff.

  • What to get rid of

  • What to buy before July 15th (about the time Hubby will leave)

  • What to ship on the boat to China

  • What to pack in our suitcase

  • What to buy when we arrive in China

  • How to handle Jupiter's transport

  • What we will need to buy when we return to the states. Did I mention we already have our flight booked to come home for Christmas?

  • What other Dr appointments to make

  • Home repairs for the renters

  • Updating contact lists of emails, phone numbers, addresses, facetime acct names - there is no Facebook in Beijing and it is even sketchy if this blog address will change so email will be the best way to keep in touch, message me to be added to the list:)

  • Who to say goodbye to before we leave

  • My wishlist of what to do with this house when we return (I might forget when I am there...I doubt it)

  • Benefits, all of the cool things we will do and see while in help me to remember WHY we are doing this!

What would you be worried about if you were leaving the country for *at least* two years?

* do you like how two years now has changed to "at least two years"?

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Red Door Girl said...

Let em know the best way to keep in touch with you and I most certainly will. It is an adventure for sure. Don and I are thinking of moving outside the states after the kids are all in college....of course we'll more than likely end up in the UK more than likely in Scotland...around Edinburgh....I'll keep you in touch with that decision when it comes.