Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Headline~ imagination runs loose all over town!

hour 1: subject builds zoo on upstairs balcony
hour 1, minute 17: subject tries to catch bird for zoo
hour 2: subject catches bee
hour 2, minute 15: subject calls friend on phone to recieve bee, friend not at home
hour 2, minute 17: bee is loose in house
hour 2, minute 18: subject's mom dashes upstairs with fly swatter, subject yelling, "don't kill it!"
hour 2, minute 20: bee retrieved without harm and escorted outside, zoo closed
hour 2, minute 30: buckets of mud being transported through house to balcony without subject's mom knowing
hour 3: subject eats apple, mom happy for healthy choice
hour 3, minute 10: subject pours mud on floor of balcony and plants apple seed
hour 3, minute 30: neighbor invites subject and sister over for four square match, dog and sister run through mud and then through the house
hour 3, minute 31: mom says goodbye and is exhausted!


Jan said...

Umm I would say zoo alright. Oh My Goodness. Get some rest today please.

Natasha Burns said...

wow sounds like subject has some cleaning to help out with!!!

Tammy said...

I can totally picture your subject doing all of that. Do you need more aspirin...I believe we can order it in bulk from the store!!!

Lisa Wilson (& Alfie!) at The Pickled Hutch said...

P.S. Did I mention I grew up in Stockton and my family still lives there?
Lisa & Alfie

Carissa said...


That was hilarious. I think you perfectly summed up a day in the life of a mom.


Hee hee me thinks 'subject' is very funny :)


lynne said...

sounds like a fun afternoon, jen! especially the apple tree planting. can't wait to come over and see how that goes. :)