Saturday, September 13, 2008

100 Things....

...Beware, it is a long one... a few friends have done this so I thought it might be fun. If I only get to 50, please know I started out for 100 but ran it goes...I am an open book so most of you probably know these things about me already~
  1. I was born in Napa, CA.
  2. I have only lived in CA.
  3. I want to live somewhere with a lot of charm like Charleston, South Carolina.
  4. I am the baby in my family.
  5. My parents were high school sweethearts.
  6. I do not like pasta, despite being half Italian.
  7. I have a unique relationship with each of my siblings.
  8. I became an aunt when I was in 3rd grade.
  9. I was in the delivery room when my nephew was born, I was 15.
  10. I have always had "Napoleon's Syndrome" where I have tried to make up for my lack of height.
  11. I stopped drinking when I became legal.
  12. I became a cheerleader when I was 5.
  13. I stopped cheering my senior year of high school.
  14. I love to talk.
  15. I am shallow in literature and movies.
  16. Despite being a teacher I really do not enjoy learning. (Told ya I was shallow)
  17. My favorite color is yellow.
  18. My daughter was named after the Jane Austen character, emma.
  19. The only time I lose weight is when I get pregnant.
  20. I love child birth. I consider it one of my God-given talents.
  21. I've had braces twice and my teeth are still crooked.
  22. My mom sometimes still calls me a brat.
  23. I almost went to school in Switzerland, until I met my h.s. sweetheart.
  24. I love flowers.
  25. Roses (white with pink trim) are my favorite flower.
  26. My favorite perfume is floral based.
  27. When I travel, the architecture is my favorite part.
  28. Paris is my favorite city in the world.
  29. I love chocolate.
  30. I love cheese.
  31. I have traced my son's name, Dayton, back 8 generations.
  32. My sister is my best friend.
  33. I love going to the theater to see musicals.
  34. My favorite line from a movie is: "I would rather fight with you then make love with anyone else". The Wedding Date.
  35. Despite our constant travel, it is not my favortite thing to do, it actually causes me much anxiety.
  36. I love the smell of pine trees in the mountains.
  37. Lake Tahoe is one of my very favorite places.
  38. I used to work at Disneyland as many characters.
  39. We have been to all 5 Disneylands.
  40. I was married in the Oakland, CA temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  41. My husband speaks fluent Japanese.
  42. I grew up with a dog named Arthur.
  43. I had a goldfish named Gonzo for 6 years.
  44. I swore I would never have a pet again.
  45. We have a dog named Jupiter.
  46. I wish I would've become a psychologist.
  47. My favorite job was the front desk at a hotel.
  48. I love to socialize.
  49. I usually fall in lust with whatever guy plays the lead in chick flicks.
  50. I am obsessed with home decor. ~half way there, do you think I can make it?~
  51. I love massages.
  52. Marriage is the hardest thing I've ever done.
  53. Parenting is the funnest thing I have ever done.
  54. I loved high school, the socializing.
  55. I got sent to the office in 7th grade for having pepper spray.
  56. I played the flute for 5 years.
  57. I played the piano for 6 years.
  58. I cannot read music or carry a tune.
  59. I love to sing, just not in public.
  60. I love public speaking.
  61. I wanted to be a writer.
  62. I was a journalism major.
  63. I read three books last week.
  64. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  65. I did a 180 degree change when I learned about Jesus Christ.
  66. The temple is my favorite place to be.
  67. The students are my favorite thing about my job.
  68. I am Dayton's first grade teacher, one day a week.
  69. Even though I love who I am on the inside...I am DYING to be skinny!
  70. My oldest friend I have known since 5th grade.
  71. I had an imaginary friend named Charlene.
  72. I want to have a front porch someday.
  73. I want to have a white picket fence one day.
  74. I love the fountain in my backyard.
  75. I am a total morning person.
  76. I could take naps everyday.
  77. I like to go to bed early, even though it is close to 1 Am right now.
  78. I cannot sleep in no matter how much I try.
  79. I have freckles.
  80. My favorite drink is water.
  81. I don't like to cook very much.
  82. My family is the most important thing to me.
  83. My son looks like me.
  84. My daughter looks like my husband.
  85. I think we are done having kids. :(
  86. I collect dishes (chintzware)
  87. I love to go to garage sales.
  88. Flea markets are one of my favorite pastimes.
  89. I want to have an annual "girl's weekend" with good friends.
  90. I cherish relationships.
  91. I cherish memories.
  92. I love to garden, I hate yardwork.
  93. I want to learn photography.
  94. I love to play board games.
  95. I am afraid of heights.
  96. I do not watch rated R movies.
  97. I have tried to climb out windows in my sleep.
  98. I have been known to eat in my sleep.
  99. I cry very, very easily.
  100. I laugh very, very easily too!


Tammy said...

I loved your 100 things!!!! I learned we are more alike than I knew...when do the girl's weekends start!?! I'm in!!!

Emmy said...

wow!!! that much!! great brava! Emmy

i din't know that you didn't want a pet. :( I am so glad you changed your mind!! Juppy

Jan said...

You are 100% awesome. And with Paris being your favorite city, my daughter probably wishes you were her mother :)

SuzanSayz said...

You are a very interesting person Jenn.

Kelsey said...

Is The Wedding Date the one with Debra Messing?

This list is a cool idea, I might copy you on this too.

Ryan said...

Just found your site--and as I read your 100 things and looked around the site, I was like, "Is this my wife?!" But you're not. I know--we're both relieved! However, she does share a lot with you, including the love of Jane Austin and the Twilight addiction. It's excessive.

blueladybug said...

Jen, this is so cool! Glad you are having a great vacation. T and I each wrote in our journals every day while we were on vacation. Look for postings of our vacation starting tomorrow. (very expensive internet connection at our old historic timeshare in san diego;, so we did not have computer access)

Poetry of Life said...

loved your list! I love the Wedding Date too! We should watch it as one of our girls nights in!

Liz R. said...

there was a lot i didn't know! maybe ward pianist is going to be your next calling ; )

Carissa said...

If you do start a Girl's weekend I want in. I'm glad you're having fun on your trip.