Saturday, September 27, 2008

♥Honoring A 7 Year Old♥

I was scared to death about having a boy. You know all the things you hear!
When he was born he had black, thick hair on his head and all down his back. We nicknamed him "hairy back monkey".
He has always been "all boy". He has military in his blood. His favorite place is the beaches of Normandy. He knew the historical significance and says "it is a cool place to play".
He learns in his own way. He thinks very logically so words that do not sound out are very difficult for him. But math is very easy since it is logical.

When we thought about having our second child, I have to admit I was hoping the new baby would knock E off her pedestal a little bit. He has built up her pedestal even higher.

He loves her sooooo much!

His two favorite things in the world are: his 115! stuffed animals (every single one of them) and he loves to make designs of inventions!

He is named after my dad.

Big D,

Without you a big piece of my heart would be missing. You are so loving and smart. I love the way you care about others and look forward to watching you grow!

Love, M♥m


Jan said...

Cute picture of you and your son. Happy 7 big boy. Next year and you'll be baptized.

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Big D!!!! I hope you had a wild science birthday party!!!! you had the original mad scientist there!!!

lynne said...

happy birthday, d! you are the cutest little mad scientist i know!!