Saturday, September 13, 2008

St John I- Trunk Bay

It was really fun for the kids to hop on a ferry, with our car, and cruise over to St. John. I really liked this island. It is very charming.
The water at Trunk Bay was calmer and more clear than our community pool back home! Those people right behind us in the picture above are snorkeling on an underwater trail. It has plaques to read to tell you about the coral and fish. Okay, THIS IS the best snorkeling we have EVER done! You really feel like you are in Finding Nemo. As a matter of fact, do you remember the fish that gave directional signs and made pictures for Marlin? Well, we saw thousands of those tiny silver fish. It was incredible!

Okay, if you are planning a trip here. Do not do the Atlantis Submarine and great snorkeling. Everything we saw at Trunk Bay, for a small fee, was what we saw on the sub (for a not so small fee). Except for the shark, thank goodness!

food challenge update: we are now on our 8th day of vacation and have only eaten out four times! Two of the times are because we got $100 to spend at the hotel, listening to the timeshare presentation.

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Tammy said...

Here is a challenge my dear friend:
Get a picture with you and hubby together in the water!!! fill that bucket girlfriend!!!