Tuesday, September 9, 2008

St. Thomas III - Sapphire Beach

Right now I am very sunburned and listening to the pitter pat of tropical rain. M & E are playing basketball in the pool. D is in the tub.
Yesterday we went to Magen's Bay. It was the most pristine white sand beach I have ever been to. We had the entire beach to ourselves.
Today we did not know where the wind would take us. The kids wanted to go to the pool, but a gentleman intercepted us and told us we really should try Sapphire Beach. Every time we visit a beach they get better and better.
The snorkeling here is unbelievable! Hubby and I followed a huge sea turtle for about 20 minutes. D and hubby saw a baracuda and a sting ray. I watched a school of squid, there were about 100 of them. Amazing!
E has been snorkeling since two years old. Her daddy was always holding out for her to SCUBA DIVE with him someday. This trip she has been saying "ewww, gross!" a lot! She sure is growing up. Have you seen that cruise commercial where the daughter rarely smiles? Well, we feel like we are in that commercial!!!!
Last September my sister and I went ziplining in Kauai. Ever since then, I wanted to Parasail. Despite my fear of heights, TODAY WAS THE DAY! D and I went up first. Absolutely amazing views of all the islands at 400 FEET HIGH!
D was not even scared! It was so calm and peaceful up there. The aqua water colors were unforgettable! At the end they dipped us into the water oh-so-gently and then we landed, standing up right on the boat. So Fun!
Next it was E and Hubby's turn! They had a blast too! You should totally try it when you have the chance!


Tammy said...

I am so proud of you for conquering your fear and going for it!!! It looks like you are filling that bucket of love and that you guys are having a total family blast!!!!!! Enjoy my friends!!! I can't wait to see what your adeventure is tomorrow!!!


Hi Jen,
When you come home, visit my blog, you've been tagged!

Cheryl said...

how beautiful!! I'm so jealous! Next time can you stuff me in your suitcase and bring me with you? LOL!

Poetry of Life said...

Wow! It really is gorgeous! It looks like you are having such a great time. Can't wait to hear more about it!