Friday, September 9, 2011

The "almost" Forbidden City

 Notice this blue sky! It is incredibly rare
The kids were out of school for a staff development day so we decided to head to The Forbidden City and Tienenman Square.

We made it inside the main gate but decided not to go into the Forbidden City after all. We thought it would be best if we waited for Dad. 

We think we have finally gotten all the uniformed men correctly identified now. These are police, marching in formation. 

Across the street from Tienanmen Square. 

We decided to have lunch at a very Chinese food stand. It was not the greatest. We ate what we needed to sustain us and left the rest. A drunk young man sat down at our spot and proceeded to finish our leftovers. We were a little creeped out, but glad it did not go to waste.
 Tienanmen there are GIANT screens. Behind is the biggest monument in China.
 Another funny moment of the day was when my children created a crowd to take pictures with them. This group, all one at a time, posed with E and D. The ladies were giggling, as well as the men.


tammy said...

That is sooo funny. In ahem...1989...when I went to Waikiki after graduating. While I was there a large conglomerate of Japanese tourists stopped me to take their picture with me the same way. I was nearly 6 feet tall and platinum blonde...perhaps that could be why.I'm glad to know someone gets to experience it as well.

lynne said...

Oh, they are so adorable. I bet all of the chinese people they meet eat them up!!