Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Great Wall of China ~ Mutianyu

This weekend Hubby and D were able to travel to The Great Wall for the first time. There are a few sections of the wall in close proximity to Beijing. They were traveling with D's cub scout pack and Mutianyu was the section that was chosen. This is known for the area being surrounded with beautiful greenery.

~In this location of the wall there is a moderate hike to get to the wall~

~This was the cub scout pack meeting. The cubs are all in yellow shirts~

~Dayton's first time at The Wall~

~Many sections of the wall are very, very steep~

~ A great memory for the boys~

~More stairs~

~A section that the boys liked to climb on the outside~

We can't wait to travel to The Great Wall together as a family!
Come visit us and we will be your our guides!

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