Sunday, September 4, 2011


Since we have been in Beijing we have noticed that some food items are just really expensive, or they just don't taste like home. So when hubby had a business trip back to the states last week he brought an extra suitcase.
He filled it!
chocolate chips
cake mixes
brownie mixes
Crystal Light and Propel
Instant Oatmeal
Sugar-free Jell-o
Sugar-free Pudding
See's candy
gel toothpaste (for 13 year old's retainer)
Fahrenheit oven thermometers

So, of course, we had to make brownies today after church! I forgot that we did not have measuring cups so I had to estimate on the oil and water. Then, I assumed the pictures on the oven wrong and ended up broiling our first batch!
Everything, even the little things, create a story!

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Leslie said...

Hooray for the Comforts of home!! Dayton looks thrilled! :)