Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Temple of Heaven

the grounds are enormous (270 acres) with pathways and trees
 I have to remind myself that I am SO lucky to be able to do nothing except for explore a historic city whenever I want to.
 As a matter of fact when I was home in CA, wondering what I would do all day, I pictured myself with my guidebook, alone, roaming the city and taking in the sights. And that is exactly what I did for the first time on Tuesday! Oh, don't get me wrong, I have been doing my fair share of exploring...but it is usually for things like "where to buy this" and "where to find that".
The sun was shining and I decided to head out to The Temple of Heaven. Some people like to travel alone. I think it is much for fun with others, but I didn't mind the peace and serenity I was able to have on the grounds.

 I entered through the East Gate which is steps from the subway line 5, Tiantan Dongmen stop, exit A. I purchased an all inclusive ticket for 35 yuan for both the park and The Temple of Heaven. I heard that entering from the South Gate was how the emperors approached the temple so I turned left at the East Gate. This is the bridge that the emperors took.

Just like The Forbidden City the walls of the buildings here are red. Instead of yellow glazed tiles, there are beautiful blue tiles. The architecture of the surrounding buildings are similar to those of The Forbidden City, completed the same year (1420).
the famous doors with golden knobs in which people would rub for luck

I had pictured it less colorful but that is because I always saw it photographed in black and white

Can't wait to come back with the family! I will then look for the platform that used to house the throne, now an empty marble platform and the whispering wall. I guess I was just too excited to shop at the Pearl Market which is right across the street! 
Please don't judge me for being shallow

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