Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A decade old

He chose remote control tanks that fight eachother
on Saturday. His ripstik is still being shipped from US
 Today my youngest turned TEN! 
Yikes! That means:

He is a decade old!
He's heading into the "gawky" stage.
I no longer have "little" kids.
Only 9 years until his mission!
My baby weight is also a decade old! Holy crud!

I still remember my 10th birthday. My parents threw me a surprise party after Pop Warner cheerleading practice. I remember I got two t-shirts with rhinestones on them. They were SO cool!

We knew that this birthday would be different since he is just making friends in a new place. I hope he will remember his 10th birthday too!

a rickshaw ride to the restaurant on Monday night
 After shopping for his gift of choice on Saturday, we knew we needed to "celebrate" Monday night instead of his real birthday since Dad would be on a business trip to Shanghai for the day. We had heard, from many people, of a pizza place called Kro's Nest. They recently changed their name to Tube Station Pizza. We went to the one in Sanlitun, inside Worker's Stadium North Gate. The outdoor seating was among tall trees and very nice landscape. You would have no idea you were in the middle of a city. I LOVED that they passed out bug spray to every table. The mosquitoes here are heavy duty and adore me!
this place is known for enormous pizzas
We sent in brownies for his class for his birthday. 
D with classmates on his birthday with brownies
 I made a sign for him while he was at school. He got so many shout-outs on Facebook so I included all of them on the sign. He felt very loved!
thanks to everyone who showed their love
On Tuesday night , when Dad was gone, we went to our favorite place (Peter's Tex Mex) and finally tried their chocolate cake. It was really good!
He is definitely a 10 year old boy!
Happy Birthday D! We are so blessed to have you in our lives!


stephanie mackin said...

Happy Birthday! Hope to see you soon!
- Casen

Heather said...

The original Kro's can be found in its newest incarnation in the complex of restaurants behind the Bookworm, further up Gongti Bei Lu off of Nan Sanlitun Road. They also have a cool restaurant with hidden entrance off of Xinyuan Lu up north of the US Emabssy. The Tube Station is actually Kro's original location, which was taken over by his Chinese partner after some kind of bad business falling out. "Kro" is the nickname of the American owner.