Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Night In Beijing ~ Wangfujing

Saturday night we decided to head out on the town. Of course our teen was protesting in every way, but by the end of the night she admitted that it was really fun. Success!

We headed just two subway stops away on line 1 to Wangfujing. We had no idea what to expect. When we got there we found it was full of people and lights and was the cleanest part of Beijing we have seen.

Please excuse the quality of these pictures.
When you head north down Wangfujing, there is an alley off to the left side.
You will see these two cute characters greeting you.
The alley is an interesting venue for tourist kiosks. It was fun to bargain and see many trinkets for sale. There were also some creepy critters on sticks for sale to eat. (See next post)

Wangfujing is a wide street where cars are not allowed. This is such a relief and a break to fighting traffic. There are stores and restaurants all along the street. The lights and screens are almost as impressive as Time Square.

Even though many locals prefer to stay away from the tourist spots, I felt so comfortable here. It was nice to see people enjoying the evening leisurely. We will definitely visit here again. It is located right next to Tienanmen Square.

A funny thing happened while we were wandering down the street. A Chinese lady looked at me and said my husband's name. He was walking a few steps ahead of me. I was very, very curious why this stranger knew my husband's name. I soon found out that they were with the same company and had just seen each other in the States. She had just arrived in Beijing for a business trip. We were all baffled that we ran into her among millions of people. She spent the rest of the evening with us, which was great since she spoke Chinese!

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lynne said...

It's so funny that the world can be so small even in such a huge city!!!