Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Imperial Palace~aka The Forbidden City~ aka The Palace Museum

If you are starting to notice our clothes looking familiar, keep in mind we have not yet received our shipment.
It was sort of a bummer that a few days after this the skies returned to their normal hazy gray state.

To get to the Forbidden City take line 1 and exit Tian'anmen East, exit A will lead to a walkway under the street. You can either turn left to go to Tian'anmen Square or right to go to the Forbidden City. 
When you see the portrait of Mao you may enter the outer courtyards for free. There are many vendors and crowds there. Walk farther and purchase your tickets to enter the palace grounds.

E was serving as photographer for the day
The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace for the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It was built in 1406 and has 980 buildings. 

yellow glazed roof tiles were only allowed on imperial palaces, temples and tombs

this is how the Bottoms roll

ancient carvings

one of two lions, this one symbolizes female

on the left is the throne

on the exterior courtyards a child chooses a head dress

Imperial gardens- oh the things that happened here

one of many pictures D was asked to pose in. Could this have been his arranged marriage?

Exiting at the back, after the garden, are spectacular views. Just be cautious to walk along the water instead of on  the sidewalk. There are beggers that are maimed and disfigured and it is quite disturbing.

If you go to The Forbidden City expecting to see more than buildings that look like these, you may be disappointed. But thinking of the history and events that took place here is what makes it amazing.

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