Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bon Voyage II~ Shanghai, China

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Although our cruise was scheduled to leave on Saturday from Shanghai, we decided to fly from Beijing on Friday night. This caused a little anxiety getting everyone to the airport from school and work, but it all worked out great thanks to Emma's teacher for arranging a driver for the kids to the airport. 
Friday night we stayed at a brand new Marriott in Shanghai. It was pretty swanky!

 We did not have much time in Shanghai before boarding the ship so we decided to go to the famous Bund to check out the skyline. It did not disappoint! This skyline resembles that of Hong Kong, very impressive!

male bonding at its finest
 Besides the skyline across the river, The Bund is also known for the architecture. Each building is significant and represents a different architectural style, much of it is European. Not very Chinese at all.

E fell in love with many Chinese kids. We decided since they take pics of us, we can take pics of them too.

This is not the first time we have seen this, but definitely the first time we caught it on camera!
 Our Royal Carribean ship, The Legend of the Seas, was docked right downtown which made for a beautiful backdrop once on deck.
our ships pool with Shanghai in the background

the lights just began to come on as we pulled away

Next stop is Osaka, Japan!

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it looks so futuristic! like sci-fi or something. you look so pretty too ;)