Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An outing of FIRSTS

Last week I went to lunch with some friends. In our church we do something called Visiting Teaching, we thought it would be fun to meet for lunch. It was one of the most spiritual conversations I've had in a long time. I took the subway down to their neighborhood and we went to a restaurant called "Lily's American Diner". 

Instead of sending a server to the table, there is a tablet-like device where you order from.

 Diet Dr. Pepper! It is hard to find here and despite it "being imported" it still tasted like flavored seltzer water. Not good for a $3 USD can of soda! I stick with water now since none of the soda products taste good.
A yummy bean and cheese burrito!
 My two friends have these cool electric bikes that run on battery. You can either pedal or cruise along, taking one or two kids on it with you also. You see them all over the city, but riding on the back of one was great! A little scary but totally worth it!
 These girls are my heroes!!
That day was a good "China" day!

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