Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Days & Bad Days

It is certainly no secret that China has bad air quality! 
We knew that before we came, but being from California (hubby from LA), we thought we knew what "poor air quality" looked like. Oh how wrong we were!

Good Day

This is the amazing view from our living room window. Our bedroom has the same view, lucky us! This picture was taken as the sun was setting and it made the buildings sparkle like gold. It had been one of the rare blue sky days.

Bad Day

Here is the exact same view today (and yesterday and the day before). While we knew we would have bad air quality days, what we didn't know was just how many we would have! Sadly for every 5 or 6 yucky days, we have 1 pretty day.

I definitely see that the grey yuckiness takes a toll on my mood. I have less motivation to go out and exercise, shop or explore. On the clear days I have an extra spring in my step. I asked hubby whether he noticed a difference on the two different types of days...he said no. Just another example to chalk up in the record of "differences of men and women".
 A friend asked me what the one thing was that would make China a little bit better for me and I said, "it just looks so ugly all the time." I don't really think it is an ugly place...but with all the sludge it makes something pretty look pretty dreary. I won't even go into the health concerns of this air. 

So if you are not in China...please do not take for granted the crisp clear fall days that you may be experiencing in your corner of the world.

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Liz R. said...

i just assume the gray is smog, but after seeing your great wall pics, is the gray fog and it's just over cast and foggy all the time this time of year??