Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blog Picture Banner Info

A few of you have asked how I made my new banner. A couple things to say about it before I give you the info. I coveted all the individualized blogs and wanted to make my own and know that if I took a picture of what I wanted it would be easy for me. So I went around photographing little "diorama" vignettes and trying to get the size right...waste of time! Second, I want to thank you for loving it as much as I do. I had taken this picture in Montmartre and new I would use it for something special in the future. OK, here it goes...

  1. Find the perfect picture (if it is a hard copy you will need to scan it in).

  2. Make a copy of your picture because any alterations you do will change the original image.

  3. My operating system is Windows Microsoft/Vista. Most basic photo software has this capability, we probably just didn't know it was there. You may need to look through your programs a bit.

  4. After clicking on the picture, look for a pencil or a paintbrush on your toolbar or I had to hit open and the word "paint" came up.

  5. Once you are in the paint section, the possibilities are endless. If you hit the "A" (text) it will let you type in using font - like in my banner-for "not my dress" I used the spray paint icon and for "just a peak" I used the pencil icon.

  6. Once you are happy with your creation, save it and remember where you save it to.

  7. Now go onto your "dashboard" into layout. If you click edit on "header" you will see you can either get a photo from your computer or the internet.
  8. Grab your photo and hit "instead of header" and it should work for you. Easy schmeezy!

Just experiment and have fun! I hope it works for you like it did me!


TiffanyJane said...

It looks great!!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Jen!! Thank you for your comment on my blog!
I am chuffed that you wanted the same ATBAB name for your url!!
(its taken by someone in the philippines who rarely uses it !!RATS!!)

I was wondering - would you mind if I used this post for the new bloggers post that I'm doing for Jan ? Pls drop em an email allthingsbrightandbeautifulblog

I will of course link back to this page and mention your blog:-)
please do let me know!! :-)

PS your chandeliers that you've featured a couple of posts up are DELICIOUS!