Friday, January 4, 2008

A great way to ring in 2008!

Well we certainly had a relaxing trip to Southern California! We were visiting my hubby's family. While the kids were playing with many new toys and hubby was bonding with his father watching The History Channel, I snuck into my in-laws movie cabinet and picked out four of my favorites. I watched all four movies, in a row, while laying in bed in the guestroom. Ahhhhhh! Now that is what I call heaven!

As if I didn't lay around enough watching movies, I also read this cute book in just two days. The first one, A Girl Like Moi, was fun also. I totally recommend them both. Click here for Lisa Barham's website.


Tammy said...

I totally LOVE Sabrina!!!!!

b said...

OH, this book looks so charming. So, you would recommend A Girl Like Moi for a fellow Francophile? :)