Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Years Renewals

There is much talk of resolutions and goals this time of year. Some say, "if I don't make them I won't break them". Others say,"I try to better myself all year long, not just at the beginning of the year". Well I belong to the school of thought, "set some goals, try hard to achieve them and modify when needed". So here are a few of my renewals. If you'd like to offer a bit of advice I would love to hear it!!!!!

  • Be a "happier" mom; having more fun with my kids and talking to them in a sweeter tone.

  • Not take things personally when it comes to hubby. I rarely ever take things personally from other women (which is somewhat unique) but I overcompensate when it comes to my marriage.

  • Attend the temple monthly, if not more.

  • Stylize my blog! I know it may sound silly, and this is where I need your help! I love everyone's individualistic banners and backgrounds, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to do it. If you can offer me any help, please respond. Thank you so very much!

Of course I always want to be the best person I can be (physically, spiritually and emotionally) and have some fun along the way. What are your thoughts for the New Year?

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