Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back in Time

Tonight hubby and I had a date at the Duran Duran concert. I am not even afraid to admit that I am a dork and still love them because there were thousands of others like me there too! The entire time I felt as if I was 11 years old again! I felt like I had no hubby, no kids...just me and Simon!

I danced, sang, danced and sang some more while hubby tapped his toe (once). He really did enjoy it too, he just shows it different (way different) than me!

Here we are! I am not 11 again.

I DO have a hubby!

I DO have kids!

And I am so grateful and thankful I do!

But, nevertheless, it was really fun to travel back in time!

i still love you Simon!


tammy said...

I am so glad we saw you there!!! It was a blast. Well worth the 24 years I waited to go!!!!

tammy said...

I am so glad we saw you there. It was fun to dance the night away and relive our fabulous pasts...I am and always will be a John Fan.

Jan said...

This was so great. Its funny how a little concert from some band from the past can still bring out the kid in us. So glad that you could go and sing and dance and enjoy yourself with your husband. The night sounds perfect. Love the picture of you two. Sweeeettt.....

Liz R. said...

i didn't know mark was going with you. how fun! i love duran duran too. i'm glad you had a good time.

Unknown said...

rock on!