Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hong Kong Adventure 4

Disclaimer: Extremely long post ahead...
Well, it is our last morning of our Asia Adventure. To sum it up...the room is dark, the kids are snoring and the Do Not Disturb sign is hung. We are all satisfied and looking ahead to our flight home. There is so much more we wanted to see here in Hong Kong, but I've already emailed my sister/BFF and told her we HAVE to come here together. I guess I really like it if I am already planning to come back.
Okay...onto Disneyland. I just have to say it once...We now have been to all five Disneylands! Woohoo! I could write an entire post titled "My analysis and comparison of all Disney parks" but I will spare you all. If you are interested, the Hong Kong Disneyland is still rather small. They are celebrating their 2nd anniversary, which is a hoot since we have recently been to Anaheim's 50th, Paris' 15th and Tokyo's 25th. I think we were at Florida for their 25th too. Gee, I think every year is an anniversary at Disney! There are only a handful of attractions, but they are all so new that they boast some new technology. The biggest glory of this park is the scenery that serves as a backdrop to all of our favorite views like the castle and space mountain. It is lush, green tropical rainforest and mountains. It is amazing! Their is real (not Disney) rainforest throughout the park, like on the jungle cruise...it is a real jungle! Totally worth coming here just to see the vegetation.
So, we arrived at the park about 11AM. We hit tomorrowland and did all of the rides. They have a "Stitch Encounter" where Stitch is on a screen, but interacts with the audience. He picked me out of the crowd and talked to hubby and I. He made hubby stand and profess his love for me publicly. It was hilarious! The kids were a little miffed that Stitch did not pick them out though. I imagine it was my large I heart HK shirt that drew his attention. You know how at our Dland there is burgers, chicked strips with some pizza and pasta sprinkled in? Well, here you have wok, bbq and noodles. There are real roasted ducks (with the heads) hanging in eatery windows in the park. It was so funny, but honestly, the best chinese food I have had on this trip!
We saw a really cool show called the Golden Mickeys . It was a live show with lots of singing, dancing and characters. They have just opened "Small World" and it did not disappoint. I was glad they had a US section, Tokyo Dland did not. At this point it was 3:30 and hubby and D had to leave the park to go have their final fitting at the tailor. E and I were on our own. We had a full proof plan on how to meet back together since both of our cell phones do not work here. Okay...from that point on it was terrential rain storm! We got soaked to the bone, even with umbrellas, but wierdly enough it was tolerable because it is so warm. Poor E though, she was wearing jeans and became uncomfortable. Of course, nowhere in the park do they sell pants. The marketing at these Asian Dlands is a little cooky. At ours, you can buy anything and everything. Not here. Basically some shirts and lots and lots and lots of tins filled with cookies, candies, and crackers. A little ironic to me, considering HK is the shopping meca of the world and all of our Disney stuff is made HERE!
So...E met lots of characters (Prince Caspian was a hottie) and went on teacups a few times and a couple of other rides. The left side of the park is really, really underdeveloped so we were done with everything by 5:30, just when we thought the boys would be back. So we hung around and shopped, checking in at our meeting spot. By 6:15 I was a bit worried, by 7:00 I had said my fifth prayer and finally at 7:20 they showed up. Something about getting on the wrong tram, yada yada yada. Poor guys! We were able to cram the highlights in for D before the fireworks and closing at 8:00. We thought our drama was over after the long trip to the tailor, but while anticipating the fireworks E had to go to the bathroom. On the way out she slipped on the wet tile and her cheek broke her fall! She blacked out for a second or two. Hubby got all heated up. It was sad because all day we had seen people cleaning up water, but he didn't since he was gone. I really felt it was nobody's fault, just a sad accident. Of course we went to first aid, it was already swelling up and we did all the normal stuff. We barely got to see the fireworks, but D and E came out of this saying, "I will never forget how nice the people were who took care of E." They got Mickey's and Minnie's and other stuff. I am just worried about E's jaw. Please say a prayer it is just a bruise.
So that is it! Now it is pack up and head out. I hope that today will be easy and without adventure. I can't wait to see my puppy and my garden and my friends. Okay, okay and I can't wait to play around with my new treasures at home. See ya in the good ol' U.S. of A!


♪Emmy♪ said...

The day was so great until the accident. It hurt really bad! -E

Unknown said...

travel safely, jen! it sounds like SUCH an amazing trip. can't wait to see you guys and i hope e's jaw is ok. :(

tammy said...

Welcome Home my friend!! I am happy that you enjoyed your travels. It makes it a lot less scary if you ever HAD to move there doesn't it?