Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Usually when it is my birthday, I call my mom and tell her how thankful I am to her for bringing me into this world. It really is the greatest bond between two people. Since I came late in my parent's marriage, my sisters really did a lot of the motherly raising of me. I am lucky, I had three mothers growing up, resulting in the spoiled one that I am.
My mom is a big part of my daily life. We are close friends and love many of the same things. Most of the talents I have come from her! I thank Heaven everyday that I am able to enjoy my mom!
My mother-in-law has taught me many things in the thirteen years she has been in my life. She is the true example of being Christian, exemplifying many Christlike qualities. She is very, very patient and always kind. She and I have become close and I would not trade my mother-in-law for anything!
Many women in my life have taught me to be the mother I am. I am not perfect, but enjoy this magnificent calling everyday!

Being a mother to this little one...she will always be my first baby. I used to stare at her while she slept and would weep at the fact she would soon grow up. Now she is a vivacious ten year old and she fills my day with lots of conversation, lots of music and plenty of laughs. She began teaching me since the day she entered our world, especially in spiritual matters.

Being a mother to this special little guy has been one of the highlights of my life. I was so nervous to have a boy, thinking I would not know how to relate. He is my constant date. Since hubby is not around a lot, D has always showered me with affection and attention. Very different from his sister, his imagination is vast. Watching him create and learn has been an absolute thrill!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you have a wonderful mother's day and cherish all the significant people in your life!


tammy said...

I love the pictures of you and the kids. What a blessing they are. Emma is a carbon copy of you and Dayton is such a sweetheart. Great job Mom!!!

Oh...and I can't wait to here the craziness as the priesthood takes over for you all on Sunday!!! Enjoy!!!

Jan said...

This was way moving Jen. I love how you turned to so many awesome women in your life. I have never thought about my mother in law being in the picture. Your super blessed for sure. This was a wonderful inspiring post and I am so glad that I got to read it. Happy Mothers Day to you as well. Beautiful picture of you and the babe.

G and G Nut said...

Like all your posts, this one is so sweet. I came across another blog today that so reminded me of you and thought I would share it with you:

Unknown said...

Jen, so beautiful!! those pictures are the sweetest ever. Happy mother's day to you, a wonderful mom!