Monday, May 19, 2008

Hong Kong Adventure 3

We have now used each type of transportation here. Ferry, tram, bus, train, taxi...The ferry and tram are dirt cheap. All of the transportation has been really, really efficient. We hopped on a city bus to travel to Stanley Market. To our surprise we toured the entire south part of the island atop a double decker bus. It was absolutely gorgeous! Picture Hawaii with the lush mountains going all the way to the water. The beaches are clean and the water is clear. I could totally see myself coming to this side of the island for a relaxing vacation. It reminds me of Waikiki vs. the rest of Oahu. That is how the city of Hong Kong is vs. the rest of the island. the Stanley Market was amazing. It was really fun to scout around the shops. I will post pictures of some treasures when we get back. We then went back to Kowloon to get hubby's fitting. D is now getting a custom suit also. While the boys were being fitted, E and I took off and got a foot massage ($10 US a piece). It lasted 30 minutes and was all about the reflexology. For a bonus the masseuse took me into a massage room and walked on my back. I had always seen pictures of this and it was amazing! She only did it for about 15 minutes, but MY OH MY!
One of the must see's here is an 18 minute light/lazer show on both waterfronts of Kowloon and Hong Kong island. It is supposed to be amazing, with 30 buildings being lit up to music. We hiked down to the water in the rain, only to find out it has been cancelled because there is a three day mourning period for the earthquake victims. We were disapppinted, but have complete reverence for the tragedy. Tomorrow is our last day and it is tempting to leave out Disneyland since there are some great things we haven't seen, but this is the last park for our family to see so we will go. Thanks for reading!


tammy said...

I am so jealous of all the sights you saw. Ican't wiat for the pictures!!!

♪Emmy♪ said...

It was really fun! -E