Thursday, May 1, 2008

digging up some roots

It all began here.
I went in search for old photos of family members. My mom gave me an entire bag and the treasure hunt began. Look at the treasures I found!

My Maternal great granparents. My grandma is the little one on the right.

My patrenal great grandparents.

My parent's prom picture

This quickly became a "preserve my past project". I began scanning every pre-digital picture I could find! It is addicting! I am still not done and may never be, but what fun it has been to feel that these images and documents (yes, I found birth-death-and military docs) are here to stay! I uploaded them all to an external server so they can be saved in case of fire.

If you are inspired to dig up some of your own roots, click here and begin digging !


Ana. said...

your mother had a treasure in her bag!

♪Emmy♪ said...

That is so cool! I bet it does get addicting!

Jan said...

Treasures Jen. Pure treasures. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

Marie Louise said...

Wow! I just checked out the weblink and found my grandfather listed. I have to get some first names but I am going to try and check out the rest of my family as well. Love the hat on your great-grandmother in the top photo!