Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hong Kong Adventure 2

Thanks to everyone who is commenting! My intent is not to boast or bore!
Yesterday began a bit rocky as hubby did not want to pay the price for the breakfast here at the hotel and I did. But smiles soon followed and we set out for a day of walking, shopping and exploring. We did not make it to a couple of the places we set out to since plans were altered throughout the day. We began by visiting a tailor that was recommended to hubby. Prices were too high for his taste, are you seeing a pattern here?, so we hopped on the ferry and headed to Kowloon. Prices were much cheaper and hubby got all fixed up at a tailor there. D has had his heart set on a suit like Daddys, but the tailor suggested "off the rack" for him since he will grow so quickly. So we were on the hunt and the only kid suits we could find were designer ones that cost $1,000 American dollars! Hmmm, nope! Okay, things are not cheap here! All the designer stuff is slightly cheaper than the states, but still out of my budget. Yes there are knock-offs but with the American customs so strict we have been largely warned not to bring any back. So what does that leave? A lot of bargain HUNTING! We did pick up some fun stuff though.
As a matter of fact, E has been so inspired by the fashions here and in Tokyo that she has been begging for high heel shoes. Okay, remember she is ten! Her argument is this, "Mom, I know I am not a teenager...but just think of these things (cell phone, high heels, Tiffany jewelry) as training wheels for when I do become a teenager". I have created a monster!!! I take full responsibility! After finding a cute shoe vendor she got a pair of high heel shoes. For those who go to church with us: I will understand when you snicker :) Scary thing is, she fit into a woman's size 5. D got to chill in the hotel and watch his movie Alvin and the Chipmunks, and was happy to head out for dinner...just to sleep through the entire thing.
Today...we are headed to Stanley Market (I think), Lantau(I think) and Kowloon to see if we could see the LDS temple (I think). Hubby has to have a fitting in the evening so that is where we will be between 4-6! Tomorrow is Disneyland!

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Unknown said...

e is so hilarious!! can't wait to check out those hot heels!