Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Japan Adventure 3

Well, this Japan Adventure does not take place in Japan and it does not even include me, but it does include our house and the best group of friends anyone could ever have!

After a full day of both work (for hubby) and Disney (for us) we were sitting exchanging stories about our day. Then hubby says, "Don't worry, but I heard from K today." (K is the person watering our garden at home) "E's balcony doors are wide open." I said, "Unlocked or open?" He said, "Open!" Okay I kinda freaked! We double checked all of the doors when we left AND set the alarm (in case anyone reading is thinking of breaking into our house). So listen to what a great community we have...K told the preschool teacher (who we go to church with), preschool teacher contacts Bishop, Bishop emails hubby and K emails hubby. Now that is an emergency phone tree!

So what to do now? I had given out spare keys to neighbors, but it is not that great when you a)don't know who you gave them out to OR b)we did not label them to prevent "others" knowing whose house it goes to and they do not know that it is our key that they have...anyhow, no spare keys were found! So K, S and Sir N took a ladder (from L) and he climbed up the balcony! I was jealous I was not there for all the fun! To make a long story short...the french doors were deadbolted but not secured in the threshold bolt so the strong winds blew them open. Wshooooooh! Note to potential burglars: Don't even think of breaking into our house, we've got lots of eyes watching you!


Unknown said...

It was quite an adventure! The house was not the same without you guys... Anyways, call me again!!!

♪Emmy♪ said...

That is very scary!!!!! I wish that it wuld never happen to me!!!! (Wink wink)