Friday, May 23, 2008

Japan Highlights

As I have said a few times before...Japan has mastered more than a few things...
BY FAR my favorite thing about Japan are the toilets! I know it is normally not polite to speak of such things, but I want to spread the word so that these masterpieces can make there way here!
These toilets are not only heated...but just look at the amenities here! You can spray two different ways and control the temp of the water and pressure.

They have also perfected bathing (no wonder hubby prefers baths). These are so ergonomically friendly that your hands lay perfectly above the water line = no pruny hands!
I can't figure out why the US has not looked to other countries to perfect the public transportation!
A tale of two bloggers!

The LDS temple in Tokyo
Tokyo Disnyland Mainstreet

The back view of the Tokyo Disneyland castle
Tokyo DisneySea
Yokohama- our hotel is the "apple slice" shape building on the left
The view from our Yokohama hotel room- breathtaking!

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