Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Japan Adventure 2

After spending a great weekend with hubby he had to begin work. We have not seen him much since then. But over the weekend we saw many exciting things in Tokyo. We went to the fish market, Imperial Palace garden, Shinjuku, the Tokyo Tower, Omotesando and Ginza. We ate at a neat noodle shop.

Now that we are in Yokohama the kids and I have focused our time on Disneyland and DisneySea. On Monday it took us 2 and a half hours to get from our hotel to the park, despite it not being that far. From Yokohama to Tokyo we were jammed into the train like I would've never imagined. As far as Disneyland goes it was what any Disney fanatic like me wants, although it is almost identical to our park. Seeing the castle was great though. Now...DisneySea was INCREDIBLE! Do not overlook this if you are thinking about visiting either park on a trip to Tokyo! We went there yesterday and words cannot begin to describe the effort and detail exhibited with this place. There were things there I will never forget and I am sure the kids will not soon forget too.
Major Adventure Alert:
We were really tired from Disneyland so we decided to take it easy yesterday morning since DisneySea stayed open until 10PM. I was browsing on the internet and found a bus straight from Yokohama Station to Disney, I was thrilled! So we relaxed and enjoyed our leisure morning, then set out to catch the bus. We got there (after a good walk to the station) and found we were 5 minutes late for the last morning bus! (Note to self: never celebrate something that has not happened, it just heightens the disappointment!) So the hunt was on for the right train. Although Yokohama and Tokyo station are the largest stations in Japan the information booth people do not necessarily speak English. An inforamation guy directed us to a train line and we bought the tickets and found out it was not the right train (subway not JR line) + wasted tickets. ~Insert emotional meltdown here~ You have to remember that walking around these stations is not easy. They are very crowded and pretty far apart so I was ready to lose it! Tears were forming and it was all I could do to hold it together for the kids! This is why I could NEVER go on Survivor! I decided to try another information booth and Heavenly Father knew what I needed because the woman spoke perfect English and was so soothing and even told me that I did not have to waste the ticket I had. I practically kissed her! I'm sure that would've made Americans look even weirder than we already do! So we got on the right train, the kids were content (E with a book, D drawing) and the icing on the cake...a middle aged business man sitting looking at porn right next to D and across from E! At this point I put on my IPOD and just had to laugh! After that the day was perfect and we found the bus and came home with no problem.

Today we are hanging out in and around the hotel. Hopefully no adventures like yesterday. I am taking a break from the train. Thanks for listening, I hope this does not discourage anyone from traveling here!

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